Hi, I’m Ali Siddiqui.
I’m a personal trainer and online body transformation coach. I help my clients build a body they’re proud of through personalized guidance, knowledge and structure.
Do you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of overthinking and inconsistency?
I understand what it’s like when you know what needs to be done and get overwhelmed with doubt and hesitation.
You want the results, but can’t seem to stay consistent enough to actually see them.
That’s why I’m here – to provide the tailored plans, knowledgeable guidance, and accountability needed for success.
Let me help you create a strategy that works for you so that progress is no longer hindered by uncertainly or lack of commitment.
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I started my journey in fitness young, creating the very first Weight Training club at my high school when I was 15, and went on to compete in my first of many bodybuilding competitions at the age of 19.
I graduated from McMaster University with a plan to pursue my Chartered Accountancy, while helping clients online and locally get in shape (mostly as a fun passion project for me).
As I continued working in the corporate world post-graduation, I continued coaching clients online and quickly reached a point where a decision had to be made.
And so – I walked away from the stability of my career to pursue what I genuinely believe to be my purpose on this planet:
To help others experience first-hand the benefits that come to all aspects of your life when you are in peak physical & mental condition.
At the age of 25, I opened my gym, Muscle HQ in Oakville. We were a 24/7 bodybuilding gym in Oakville, the only one of it’s kind. 
Soon however, I found trapped by the business I created.
Although thankful for the success of my business, I found myself sacrificing too much of my health and happiness to keep up with it. Burnout hit me hard – which is why I made the big decision to inject more flexibility back into my life and prioritize coaching people 1:1 again.
Today, that’s what I’m passionate about – helping others find their peak physical and mental shape by teaching them how to train effectively, eat correctly for their goals, and optimise their supplementation protocols.
So if you’re ready to up-level your physique, reach out today! Let’s make it happen together.