Personal training • Online coaching • Body transformation • Contest preparation

An all-inclusive coaching service designed to do one thing:
Get you in the best shape of your life.

Personal Training sessions are offered at Muscle HQ in Oakville, Ontario. To get started, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the page!
The process starts with you filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Once that's done, you'll be sent questionnaire which will be used to determine whether or not you will be a good fit for coaching. Your answers to the questionnaire will be used in creating a program that is personalized to your goals, lifestyle, schedule, preferences, injuries, etc. With your program you can expect to receive:
  • A personalized weight training and cardio routine
  • A detailed nutrition plan, outlining exactly what you need to eat
  • A supplementation plan to aid in progress, as well as improve overall health, digestion, sleep, stress and more
  • Weekly check in's with your  coach, to keep you accountable and ensure that you are making progress each and every week
  • 24/7 Whatsapp support for any questions related to the program
We take the guesswork completely out of the process for you.
This coaching service is best suited for highly motivated individuals that are seeking structure, accountability and expert guidance with their training, nutrition and supplementation. You must be prepared to commit to the training, nutrition, and supplements in order for you to achieve the results we promise. With over 300+ body transformations and lives changed, we have perfected a framework that is guaranteed to get you to where you want to be. We'll provide you all the tools and guidance needed to succeed... all you'll need to do is execute.


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